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  To provide answers that are on time and on target, FactIndepth Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd. (FactIndepth India) started its journey in the field of social and health research 5 years ago. We have a high level of expertise team to work with clients to develop the right questions and the right tools for the job, whether they are surveys, qualitative techniques such as FGDs, in-depth, or comparative studies.  
  Our survey, research, and evaluation teams are adept at gathering information from hard-to-reach. We work closely with clients from focusing a study to handing over a final product. We report our methods and our findings actively and in different forms. Success means that our work is clear and responsive and that all relevant views are considered. Working in close partnership with clients enables us to achieve.  
Zaheer Ahmad Khan,
Chairman and Managing Director
Chairman's Desk